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Quality Gıda Vakum Torbası, Kabartmalı Vakum Torbası manufacturer from China

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Factory introduction

December 28, 2021
Huakun, a first-class developer of new materials and a professional supplier of packaging materials.
The company's annual output can reach 10,000 tons, and the film thickness can range from 20um to 300um. The company introduces advanced equipment of the German W&H 11-layer cast production line, seven-layer co-extrusion blown film production line and nine-layer blown film line. The co-extrusion process will have Plastic particles with different characteristics are layered and co-extruded through equipment to produce functional films such as high barrier films, thermoformed stretch films, cover films, vacuum packaging films/bags, multi-layer co-extrusion cushioning packaging films, etc. The film is resistant Puncture, flexibility, high barrier properties, high transparency, high temperature cooking, freezing and refrigeration, and other superior performance, can meet the functional packaging needs of various fields. The company has a fully equipped laboratory equipped with oxygen permeability, layer thickness, tensile force, friction coefficient, and infrared microscope inspection equipment to ensure that high-quality films can be produced, the brand strategy is implemented, and the process is strictly controlled. Product application areas: meat products, snack foods, cream products, medicine, electronic products, etc., to provide customers with better packaging materials.